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I'm David Stancel, the designer and maker of the jewelry sold in my online stores. Second only to my life and business partner Cherie, I love what I do and am inspired by it. I know that you will see my passion and commitment to high quality in whatever I make for you. I have designed, made and sold jewelry online since 2002 starting with an eBay store.  My GoodSpiritWolf Etsy shop was opened in June of 2012 and is thriving. I have sold many thousands of my pieces to buyers in the United States and from countries around the world. Most importantly I enjoy a very high percentage of repeat business from previous buyers and those they have referred to me. I have consistently earned the highest feedback ratings from my customers.

About My Creation Process

Forged In The Flames Of Viking Legends - Fueled By The Characters, Creatures & Symbols Of Norse Mythology

My items are designed and made by me in my design space in Indianapolis, Indiana. I utilize carefully selected high quality components from around the world as well as many focal pieces designed and made by me or in collaboration with other artists. 

I spend a lot of time thinking about my designs. They often swirl around in my head in the form of animals and supernatural and mythological creatures intertwined with bits and pieces of legends, folklore, history, etc. - in every possible combination. When I finally get them settled down and can see them clearly - which can take hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes even years - they emerge from my brain and take their place in one of my collections. 

About My Company

My company is incorporated as The Perfect Coin Corporation. When I incorporated in 2005 my focus was selling rare coins and paper money and coin jewelry. The name "The Perfect Coin" spoke to my commitment then of offering only the highest quality coins, paper money and jewelry - and doing so with the highest level of customer service. As I have increasingly focused on my original jewelry designs I have maintained "The Perfect Coin Corporation" name to reflect my continuing commitment to delivering the highest quality jewelry and excellence in customer service. It also reflects my continuing focus on high quality original design coins, medallions and jewelry components.